Thursday, December 31, 2015

A review of my year 2015

Hello dear visitors,
now that this year is about to end, I thought I would do a little review of my 2015 from the art side of things. I won't post every picture I made for each month, that'd be a little bit too much for one entry.
As I write I am not prepared and I am curious myself what I will find. So let's begin...


This year started kind of unique, because I was in Japan until January. Unfortunately it was a bad start too, there was some private trouble that gave me this gloomy feeling for a while. But this sketch here is one just for fun, that I made into my sketchbook. It was a granny in front of the supermarket who suddenly asked if I was an american. It sounded like she wouldn't be happy to see me, if I was from america...
I have a bunch more sketches that I made in Japan over here in my Tumblr.


The serious abs and arms lady was done in February! No matter where I posted it, people always only commented on the body. Some thought it's pretty badass, but many said I should make her more feminine. I still like her as she is, since I didn't give her this very muscular body on accident...



Wow...nothing but random stuff that I never finished, just like this one below.


Found some character designs and this one, wich is probably I did that month...


Probably the best one in May was my Alissa White-Gluz Fanart. Browsing my Tumlr archive I seemed quite busy or productive at that time and I also created my Twitch channel. I remember putting a lot effort into it and now I am not even streaming! Guess that's something I should put on my list for the next year.


Another month that looked quite productive and full of sketches like this one or the animal sketches.


Looks busy again! I did this spaceship design / digital painting that still remains in my portfolio. But I also sketched Dinosaurs and started with YouTube Tutorials, the first one being about re-designing dinosaurs.


Many portraits like these or the Angela Gossow portrait and this one too:


I was working on book illustrations for the Yamete project, did this commission here, this shotgun, a couple of sketches and WIP's, finished this character design and also this one:


Didn't find something better than the portrait of Elizabeth Banks for October. The rest was mostly random... Here's the portrait in steps!


Oh yes, it's the Sandra Bullock Portrait! It also looked like some people liked the tutorial, I'm really glad about that. There were also sketches and weapons that month. But I would still like to mention my little spirit boy and this one.


This month. The last thing there was, was the Mike Ehrmantraud Portrait, this time with pencil on paper and not digitally along with a timelapse video. But also this (OC) character Portrait, this spaceship, these kinve concepts and this environment here:


I think I did a good amount of work, though I never think it's really enough. And it seems like I was most productive in summer, but also winter wasn't lazy. Just in the first two months it seems like I have been stuck and spent too much time on things that shouldn't take that long, I think I remember how I was struggling with character rendering. But I solved it now, as my latest designs were pretty satisfying to me and without bigger problems in the workflow. That's a good thing.
So what's the plan for next year? The answer to myself is: Keep it up, make more YouTube videos and tutorials, use that damn Twitch channel and finally start streaming (especially since there's the creative channel now and no more restriction to game content percentage) and finally get somewhere with my art!