Wednesday, June 10, 2015

28 animal sketches

Today's work. I collected some interesting animal photos and sketched them all into my sketchbook. It's nearly full now and I can not wait for finally using a new one! I shouldn't buy sketchbooks with hundreds of pages because I like drawing into new and fresh sketchbooks so much! But mostly they contain many pages, at least the ones that I found so far. This one has 250 pages and most of the times I drew on both sides of every sheet. Now I have 5 pages left, meaning 10 if I draw on the backsides too.
When I was a kid animals were my favourite subject to draw. I collected many of small animal toys from plastic, studied books about animals (that kind with pictures and descriptions) but nowadays I rarely come back to drawing animals. Even though they are really fun and it feels the same way as if I was drawing a human portrait. Animal portraits.