Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Alissa White-Gluz now in color

Here, I really coloured it later. Wich ever you prefer, here is the b&w version to compare again:

And no, that single thing didn't take me a whole day. But there is nothing more to show you now, I save it for later. I was working on my pictart.tv channel (site for live broadcasting art) and also started working on my twitch channel. Yes, now I have a twitch (site for live broadcasting games) channel. I found a funny name that fits me and started to do the channel design. So as you see I am planning to do some live streaming, about drawing as well as about the games I play, wich in this case is currently Destiny (even though I am also playing The Witcher 3, but I won't stream it online).
When I am done, I'll let you know for sure and post it on my blog here.